• All those who were already in the kebabs all over Europe, certainly know that the true kebab place must have a dürüm (yufka). Unlike traditional kebab, the meat in dürüm is "rolled" in a tortilla, so the taste of meat comes in forefront. Since the demand for tortillas in Croatia recently increased, we also have them in our offer. We import MISSION FOODS tortillas from the Netherlands and is offered in two sizes (25 cm and 30 cm in diameter).



We offer a complete catering equipment and everything you need to prepare kebabs. For all the equipment we offer there is a guarantee, we offer service, spare parts and maintenance of purchased equipment. In our company the quality is in first place so we buy the equipment only from reputable and trusted suppliers.

Our equipment offer

  • Ceylan has been one of the leading manufacturer of knives for kebab for years and has a high market share in Germany. Ceylan companies knives are known for durability and simplicity. Lightweighted as it is, this knife does not tire the user even after a prolonged use. A few years ago the Ceylan company started producing kebab barbecues. Since Ceylan uses exactly the same components and systems as well as the company POTIS, the quality and durability of their grill is unquestionable. As a classic combination we recommend our customers Ceylan GO-D4 (better known as Potis-GD4) grill and Ceylan NG3 knife. All other knives and grills can also be ordered as soon as possible.

    NOTE: We give our customers grills and knives at preferential prices, and they can also be purchased in installments.