Öztürk Company’s meat is produced in one of the most modern production facilities in Europe that continuously controls the origin and quality and fulfills strict EWG standards. All products are HACCP and HALAL certified. Considering the fact that Öztürk company can offer more types of kebab meat, we wanted to offer a choice to our customers in Croatia, so we constantly have four different types of kebabs in our warehouses and we are sure you will find meat that will fully satisfy your needs. All four types of kebabs are offered frozen (at -18 ° C), wrapped in foil and individually packed in cardboard boxes (for easy storage) in packages of 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg. We can also supply you with packs of up to 100 kg, by order.

Meat products

  • Our best meat on offer consists of one hundred percent beef, which gives a lovely light color during roasting. Unlike other meat products, contains about 30 percent of steaks. That way the use of artificial stabilizers, which normally make the kebab compact and allow easy cutting, is avoided. This type of meat will be appreciated by every true lover of kebab, so we recommend it in all kebab restaurants where the price is not in first place.

  • Our Top Seller in the summer season along the Adriatic coast. One hundred percent of beef and, unlike Donner LUX, with a little more spice. It consists of ten percent of steaks, making it suitable in places where you need to prepare larger amount of kebabs in short period of time. Since it has a higher percentage of minced meat, the faster it roasts, so it’s cut and served faster.

  • Our response to recession! Doner Mix is the type of meat that achieved the greatest breakthrough last year in markets around the world, primarily due to its favorable price. Kebab consisted of this type of meat can be offered and priced in you restauran at 20kn. This type of meat is not less tasty or of less quality than the other, its price has been achieved solely by adding poultry. In its composition is 65 percent beef and 35 percent poultry meat. It contains a fairly small percentage of steaks, and, like the Donner CLASSIC, is very convenient for shops where speed is an important factor.

  • One hundred percent chicken and one hundred percent steaks! It consists solely of chicken drumsticks and thighs that are transired, marinated and then piled one on top of another. Tavuk is meat for places where it’s often offered as an additional option with one of the above mentioned meat types. Tavuk combined with our durum tortilla is an excellent choice for athletes and those who watch the calories.